Diggin’ This: Daniel Brandt – “Chaparral Mesa” (Erased Tapes)


“I wanted to create a different sound, songs that build up like dance tunes but don’t feel like club music at all.”


Image via facebook.com/thedanielbrandt

Image via facebook.com/thedanielbrandt



So says Daniel Brandt, and he’s entirely correct.



Made in Malibu during a trip to California last year, “Chaparral Mesa” by the London-via-Berlin musician, he of the organic electronic music trio Brandt Brauer Frick, is an ever-building, acoustic stringed and rosewood-winged totem of a tune, the best part of which is at 3min 35sec when that kick drum kick-drums its first pleasing thud, but the hypnosis really begins at 4min 29sec when the bouncing synth keys and additional djembe slaps enter the fray and all bets are suddenly off.



Track of the day.



Daniel Brandt – “Chaparral Mesa”








“Chaparral Mesa” is the second single to be taken from Daniel Brandt’s forthcoming album, Eternal Something, out March 24 via Erased Tapes. Pre-order it here and listen to more from Brandt Brauer Frick here.