TV by Dan Digs: Watch a New Episode of the Latest Series of Crate Diggers Vinyl Show Featuring Peter Rosenberg


Check out this new episode of the latest series of Crate Diggers that I executive produced for Fuse TV‘s new channel, FM. The show focuses on vinyl aficionados and their love of wax.


Dan Digs & Peter Rosenberg

Dan Digs & Peter Rosenberg



This episode spotlights the life, times, and record collection of Peter Rosenberg.




Watch it tonight at 11:15 and 10:15c on FM and stay tuned for more episodes featuring my favorite musicians and DJs every Monday night.


You can also view this show one day after TV broadcast via the Fuse app for your iPhone or iPad.


Download it here.





Stay tuned for more episodes from this season featuring my favorite musicians and DJs in Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.





Watch all of the episodes from previous seasons of Crate Diggers on YouTube here.