Diggin’ This: Adrian Younge – “The Concept of Love” (Linear Labs)


“Consider, for a moment, that you are a part of the universe.”


Image via revive-music.com

Image via revive-music.com


“The Concept of Love” is compelling. It’s an ode to vintage synthesizers, to analog radar squeals, to visions of the future of the past, to beats that are complex in their simplicity, to accelerating slowly, to an age where the future didn’t have to be digital.


As Adrian himself explains:


I’ve always wanted to create an electronic album that was comparable to what a black Kraftwerk would have created in ’72. After spending a lot of time with fellow producer, No ID, discussing analog synthesis and classic recording techniques, he convinced me that the time is now. We are in a day and age where Electronic Music is synonymous with Electronic Dance Music (EDM); this album takes us back to the genesis of electronic music, where the sound reflected the sonic anticipation of the future. I’m convinced that this is what the future should sound like.


Track of the day.


Adrian Younge – “The Concept of Love”




“The Concept of Love” is the first single to be taken from Adrian Younge‘s new album, The Electronique Void, released this Friday via Linear Labs. Pre-order it here.





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