The Dan Digs Show 038: New BadBadNotGood, GZA, Tropics, Rejjie Snow, Jill Scott – Special Guest: Adrian Younge


Show number 38!


As always, the latest and greatest in leftfield beats and electronic soul, plus interviews with my favorite artists for your listening pleasure every Sunday night on Dash 1 at


We never play the same song twice on this show, so consider it your weekly update of all things new and good in soulful and beat-driven music!




This week we welcomed the extremely talented composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Adrian Younge to the studio!



We talked about the perfect imperfections of the human element in music, the importance of story, the now-shelved album he produced for Snoop Dogg, hunting for rare vinyl, his label Linear Labs, how his record store The Artform Studio is like a Parisian bookshop, why he plays 7-inch records, and the brilliant brand new album he produced for Ghostface Killah, 12 Reasons to Die II.




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Here’s how we got cinematic.


0:01 Adrian Younge Presents 12 Reasons To Die II – Ghostface Killah – “Get The Money”
0:05 GZA x Sweet Valley – “Planetary Energy”
0:09 Fallgrapp feat. Ashley Abrman & Isaac Aesili – “Galaxy”
0:13 Emily King – “The Animals”
0:14 Janet Jackson – “No Sleeep” (WYLN Remix)
0:16 Jill Scott – “Closure”
0:19 Verite – “Echo”
0:22 Bells Atlas – “Sugar For The Queen”
0:25 Congi – “The Escapade”
0:28 Epicure – “Spy Kids”
0:32 Dornik – “Drive” (BADBADNOTGOOD Remix)
0:34 Rejjie Snow – “All Around the World”


0:37 Sunni Colón – “Crowded room” (Demo)


0:40 Talib Kweli – “2000 Seasons”
0:43 Tropics – “Wines & Spirits”
0:44 Szjerdene – “Find Me”
0:45 NoName Kolektyf & SmokedBeat – “Nazwij”


0:48 Mighty Ryeders – “The Mighty Ryeders”


0:52 Novelist – “War”
0:54 Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn – “1969 Organ”




1:09 Adrian Younge Presents 12 Reasons To Die II – Ghostface Killah – “King Of New York”

1:28 Adrian Younge Presents the Delfonics – “Stop and Look”

1:38 Souls of Mischief & Adrian Younge – “Finally Back”

1:48 Adrian Younge Presents 12 Reasons To Die II – Ghostface Killah “Rise Up” (feat Scarub)

1:52 Adrian Younge Presents the Delfonics – “To Be Your One”



1:54 Dan Digs – “Glass Arise” (Free download here)
1:58 Patawawa & Roman Kouder – “Back To Life” (Benet Remix)






Catch you this Sunday 7pm live on Dash 1 as we dig into more of the best new beats, bass, hip-hop, house, and electronic soul!





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