Diggin’ This: Vex Ruffin & Fab 5 Freddy – “The Balance” (Stones Throw) (Official Video)


Pure NYC.



Image via stonesthrow.com


An ESG-ish noodly bass dance-punk beat courtesy of Vex Ruffin with New York legend Fab 5 Freddy bringing the bars.


From the man himself, Fab 5 Freddy:


“I liked the way this idea organically developed and I began to see my involvement as a sort of art performance piece. The track reminded me of cool dance records that downtown NY DJ’s played back then in the 80’s at places like The Mudd Club, The Garage, Area, Danceteria and Nells where I hung out so I put myself in that mindset when working on my lyrics for this song.”


Track of the day.


Vex Ruffin & Fab 5 Freddy – “The Balance”







“The Balance” is forthcoming via Stones Throw.