Diggin’ This: dBridge – “Too Late” (Stray Remix)


It’s been five years since Darren White aka dBridge has formally released any music but it’s been worth the wait.






The Stray remix of “Too Late” is a centrifuge of synth swirls that orbit a dry, stripped-down beat, layered with gossamer vocals from dBridge himself, which recall his appearance on Martyn‘s 2009 single, “These Words.”


Track of the day (and Track of the Week on the #DanDigsShow last Sunday night).


dBridge – “Too Late” (Stray Remix)




dBridge’s Too Late EP, which features a remix of “Too Late” by his brother Beat Spacek/Steve Spacek, is out now via dBridge’s Exit Records.





Listen to Stray’s “Since You’ve Been Gone,” as previously featured on DanDigs.com, here.