The Dan Digs Show 091: New Catching Flies, Leisure, Devonwho, Blawan, Jagwar Ma – Special Guest: BRÅVES


Show number 91!


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Dan had to step in to protect the true identities of BRÅVES from the Hollywood paparazzi

Dan had to step in to protect the true identities of BRÅVES from the Hollywood paparazzi



This week we welcomed LA trio BRÅVES to the #DanDigsShow.



Johnny, Jericho, Thorald and I talked about the genius of Brian Wilson, keeping their identities hidden, what they’ve learned by songwriting for other artists, Kanye West, living in monasteries, the meaning behind their songs, potential collaborations, and Kate Bush.




Plus the show saw brand new music from Catching Flies, Leisure, Devonwho, Blawan, Jagwar Ma, my brand new James Blake remix, and Charles Murdoch.



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Here’s how we ventured into brave new worlds.


0:01 Jamie Lidell – “Walk Right Back”
0:04 Cut Chemist – “There is No Spoon”
0:07 Jagwar Ma – “O B 1”
0:11 Devonwho – “Chloro”


0:14 Catching Flies – “Change of Hearts”


0:17 Cheryl Lynn – “Got To Be Real” (Catching Flies’ “Change of Hearts” sample)
0:20 CFCF – “Pleasure Centre” (Pharaohs Remix)
0:24 Fwdslxsh – “Blindside”
0:28 The Nicholas – “Pocket” (Produced by San Holo)
0:30 Sherbert Gang – “Far Away”
0:32 Kid Flicks – “The Ocean”
0:35 Pomona Dream – “Gladdic Wox”
0:40 XL Middleton & Eddie Funkster – “California Fly” ft. Domino & Moniquea
0:43 LEISURE – “Control Myself”
0:46 Mark de Clive-Lowe x Te’Amir x Todd Simon – “ESSS – Ethiopian Space Science Society (Love the Space)”
0:50 TUSKS – “Ivy” (Throwing Snow Remix)
0:53 Quays – “Your Side” ft. Nancy Anderson
0:56 Bored Young Adults aka Blawan – “Shy Dancers On Bungalowdorf Beach”



1:00 Jimmy Edgar – “Hydrant”
1:07 BRÅVES – “Unwed Sailor”

1:11 The Beatles – “Come Together” (As chosen by BRÅVES)

1:16 Kelela – “A Message”

1:20 MGMT – “Electric Feel” (As chosen by BRÅVES)

1:25 Bok Bok – “Melba’s Call”

1:34 BRÅVES – “Lovely Bones” (As chosen by BRÅVES)


1:38 Charles Murdoch – “GEAR”
1:43 Cln – “Mist”
1:48 Spokes – “Flight”
1:50 DJC – “C100”
1:52 James Blake – “Retrograde” (Dan Digs’ Futuregrade Remix)
1:55 2 Bad Mice – “Zero Fifteen”


1:57 2 Bad Mice – “Bombscare”


1:59 Deetron – “Cycle”






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