The Dan Digs Show 088: Bernie Worrell Tribute – New Nite-Funk, Emily King, Harrison, Jarreau Vandal x Mr Carmack, Trevino aka Marcus Intalex – Dan in the DJ Mix


Show number 88!


As always, the latest and greatest in leftfield beats and electronic soul, plus interviews with my favorite artists for your listening pleasure every Sunday night on Dash 1 at


We never play the same song twice on this show, so consider it your weekly update of all things new and good in soulful and beat-driven music.



This week I got back into the mix to spin 120 minutes of my favorite beats, bass, hip-hop, house, and electronic soul from the past seven days.


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Here’s how we mixed the best to get the best mix.


0:01 Funkadelic-Parliament – “Mothership Connection”
0:07 Scott Grooves – “Mothership Reconnection” (Daft Punk Remix)


0:11 Maggie Rogers – “Alaska”
0:14 Ocote Soul Sounds – “Not Yet” ft. Quantic
0:17 Jonwayne – “Jump Shot”


0:22 Harrison – “So Far From Home” ft. Young Guv


0:26 Submotion Orchestra – “Snow” (IAMNOBODI Remix)
0:30 S2WEE – “Clear”
0:34 Joey Dosik – “Running Away”


0:39 Marvin Gaye – “What’s Happening Brother”


0:41 Darkhouse Family – “Disco Duck”
0:44 Verdensrommet – “Aldri Igjen” ft. Onge $ushimane
0:46 Emily King – “BYIMM”
0:48 Noah Slee – “Rampant Wild Free” (Tall Black Guy Remix)
0:52 Olsson – “Hold On” ft. Mapei
0:56 Sweatson Klank – “Empty Your Soul”
0:58 DJ Shadow – “The Sideshow” ft. Ernie Fresh
1:01 DJ Jazzy Jeff – “Summertime 2016” ft. Eric Lau
1:07 Audego – “Situations”
1:10 The Avalanches – “Subways”
1:12 Nite-Funk (Nite Jewel x Dam-Funk) – “Let Me Be Me”
1:14 Bamily – “Hello Stranger”
1:17 Kid Bloom – “Electric U”
1:19 Eliphino – “Piano Day”
1:24 Kornel Kovacs – “BB”
1:25 Jarreau Vandal x Mr Carmack – “James Joint” (Rihanna Cover)
1:28 Woz x Troy Gunner – “DWN”
1:31 Sean Munnick – “Respect My Hustle”
1:33 Machinedrum – “Dos Puertas” ft. Kevin Hussein
1:36 Flava D & Miss Fire – “Happy”
1:38 Sorceress – “Teacups” (Chaos in the CBD Paradise Mix)
1:41 Adult Karate – “Chased”
1:43 Jas Shaw – “No Sign Ahead”
1:45 DJ Zinc – “Magic” ft. Javeon
1:46 Trevino aka Marcus Intalex – “Casino”
1:51 Four Tet – “For These Times”
1:53 Techtonic – “The Feeling”
1:55 Disclosure – “Boss”
1:56 Cassius – “Ibifornia”





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