The Dan Digs Show 077: New Phife Dawg & J Dilla, Nite Jewel, Romare, 14KT, DJ Shadow – Special Guest: New Los Angeles


Show number 77!


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We never play the same song twice on this show, so consider it your weekly update of all things new and good in soulful and beat-driven music.


Kone, Luis, Dan

Kone, Luis, Dan



This week we welcomed Luis and Kone from the New Los Angeles label to the #DanDigsShow.



We talked about their current roster, what they look for when working with artists, their musical upbringing, Record Store Nite, and every new release on their label sounding different from the last.



Plus the show saw brand new music from Phife Dawg & J Dilla, Nite Jewel, Romare, 14KT, and DJ Shadow.



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Here’s how we got new.


0:01 Amber Mark – “S P A C E”
0:04 Jewbei – “Earth Wind & Phifer”
0:07 Nappy DJ Needles – “So Fresh, So Clean, So Butter” (A Tribe Called Kast Blend)


0:11 Phife Dawg – “Nutshell” (Prod. J Dilla)


0:13 14KT – “Down The Street From Peace”
0:19 On An On – “Icon Love”
0:24 Romare – “James”
0:30 Von Sell – “I Insist”
0:34 Gold Panda – “In My Car”
0:39 Bür Gür – “Green Sauce”



0:48 Remy Kay – “Faint & Fickle”
0:55 Ultragash – “Angriest Hippie”
1:03 AshTreJinkins – “Next Area 1”
1:10 Perrine En Morceaux – “Chop Chop”
1:26 Bür Gür – “Louisiana”



1:30 Dave Harrington Group – “Social and Folk”
1:35 JD Reid – “Theory” (feat. Mr. Carmack)
1:38 Nite Jewel – “Boo Hoo”
1:42 Sam Irl – “Day Break”
1:45 Kali Uchis – “Only Girl” (feat. Steve Lacy & Vince Staples)
1:48 Taylor McFerrin – “Postpartum” (Dorian Concept Remix)
1:53 Body Clocks – “Still Life”
1:56 DJ Shadow – “The Mountain Will Fall”


1:59 DJ Shadow – “The Number Song”






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