Diggin’ This: Flamingosis – “Frugal Livin'” ft Ian Ewing (Free Album Download)


Strut to this!





New Jersey producer Flamingosis aka Aaron Velasquez returns with a fantastic new album, Great Hair.


According to Velasquez, the cover picture to said fantastic new album was taken in 1977 at the World Frisbee Championships in Pasadena, California. “My father is on the left of the picture and my uncle is on the right. They both went on to win their 2nd World Frisbee Freestyle pair title. The name “Flamingosis” comes from a freestyle frisbee move that my father invented.”


“Frugal Livin'” is a undeniably funky, horn-and-organ-drenched groove.


Track of the day.


Flamingosis – “Frugal Livin'” ft Ian Ewing



Flamingosis’ new album, Great Hair, is available to download for free hereΒ via Munich, Germany’s UKNOWY label.