Diggin’ This: Cool Uncle (Bobby Caldwell & Jack Splash) ft Jessie Ware – “Break Away”


Cool uncle, bro!


Jack Splash

Jack Splash



Bobby Caldwell, Jack Splash, and Jessie Ware: seeing all of these names on the one song had me clicking “play” faster than the speed of light.


(You’ll know Bobby Caldwell from the sample on Common’s “The Light,” produced by Dilla. The piano line on “Break Away” is not totally dissimilar, which is no bad thing AT ALL.)


(And if you haven’t heard 4hero’s remix of “When She Smiles She Lights the Sky” by Plantlife, a previous project by Jack Splash, you really should. It’s one of my favorite songs.)


Track of the day.


Cool Uncle (Bobby Caldwell & Jack Splash) ft Jessie Ware – “Break Away”





Cool Uncle’s (greatest band name ever) self-titled debut LP, which also features Mayer Hawthorne and Cee-Lo, is out via Fresh Young Minds on November 13.