Diggin’ This: Dusky – “Skin Deep” (Global Communication Remix)


One of my very favorite DJs and producers, Tom Middleton, has resurrected Global Communication (the name under which he used to produce decade-defining 90s ambient electronica along with Mark Pritchard) to remix Dusky’s “Skin Deep.”





Total running time 8:08, natch. (Even though there aren’t any 808 drums on this remix.)


From Dusky:

“Despite being released over 20 years ago, Global Communication’s ’76:14’ still sounds as vital and relevant today. With so much depth, texture and emotion, the LP is a truly immersive listening experience and has stood the test of time like few other albums. It was a huge inspiration when we were growing up, exploring different sides of electronica, and has remained a favorite for us across the years. When we were thinking on possible remixers for ‘Skin Deep’, we knew we wanted someone special and we knew we wanted someone who would get to the heart of the melodies and textures in the breakdown…. Global Communication made perfect sense. Tom has totally delivered, creating something that draws on the heritage of the ambient sound, but also feels current and modern.”


From Tom:

“Traditionally the Global Communication philosophy is all about distilling and channeling pure emotions into sound. Dusky’s productions stand well apart from the current wave of mediocre 90’s style soundalikes by being both reverentially respectful to their 90’s inspiration but clearly paving the way forward in their harmonic content, emotional purity and production discipline. Even without the stems, I could feel the intensity in the original string and pad harmonies, and the potential in the lyrics. These led me into the depths of ambient soundscaping experiments with classic GC synth arpeggiation and TB303 flourishes for the initial dubbed out remix direction. Dropping in a surprise gritty old school jungle breakbeat or two after the drop was pure instinct from producing/DJing since 1990! I just had to take the track into anthemic one more tune warehouse party territory to induce a screwface eyes-closed bass and beats moment…A genuine pleasure to remix.”


Track of the day.


Dusky – “Skin Deep” (Global Communication Remix)




Yes, it’s over a four minute (four minute!) wait until the beat kicks in, but it’s worth it. Enjoy that beautiful, Bukem-ish pad at 30 seconds in the meantime.