The Dan Digs Show 044: New Hot Chip, Jungle, XXYYXX, Odezsa, Tirzah – Special Guest: Dorian Concept (Live Set)


Show number 44!


As always, the latest and greatest in leftfield beats and electronic soul, plus interviews with my favorite artists for your listening pleasure every Sunday night on Dash 1 at


We never (or almost never!) play the same song twice on this show, so consider it your weekly update of all things new and good in soulful and beat-driven music!



This week we welcomed Austrian synth wizard and Jimi-Hendrix-of-the-Microkorg Dorian Concept to the studio for a chat on air and a very special live performance!



We talked about starting his music career via YouTube videos, having Just Blaze shout out your beat skills on Twitter, Sigmund Freud, his fantastic new album Joined Ends, and how the best thing to do in his hometown of Vienna is to drive around listening to the unofficial official soundtrack of that city: Kruder & Dorfmeister’s “The K&D Sessions”; one of my favorite compilations of all time!



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Here’s how we joined those ends.


0:01 Bastien Keb – “Beat Without A Heart”
0:05 Par-le – “Kamden Town”
0:08 Hot Chip – “Started Right”
0:12 Dornik – “Stand In Your Line” (Jungle’s Edit)
0:15 POOLS – “Throw The Discus”


0:19 Jerry Folk – “Futura”


0:23 Dorian Concept – “Trophies”
0:28 Cid Rim – “Draw” (Dorian Concept Remix)
0:32 Dorian Concept – “Trilingual Dance Sexperience”






1:16 Gallant – “Weight In Gold” (No Sleep Remix)
1:21 Neon Indian – “Slumlord”
1:26 Odesza – “Light” ft Little Dragon
1:29 Musiq Soulchild – “Love” (XXYYXX Remix)
1:32 Starship Connection (B. Bravo, Teeko, D-Nasty & Bob-O) – “In The Trunk”


1:36 Hudson Mohawke – “Overnight”


1:40 Homeboy Sandman – “Arrows”
1:42 Point Point – “Nexterday”
1:45 Tirzah – “Make It Up”
1:49 Full Crate – “Special”
1:53 Kemback – “Awaken”
1:55 Psychemagik – “Mink & Shoes”
1:58 Art Of Tones – “Don’t Need No More” ft Laetitia Dana






Catch you this Sunday 7pm live on Dash 1 as we dig into more of the best new beats, bass, hip-hop, house, and electronic soul!





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