Fyfe – “For You” (Deptford Goth Remix)


“Everything little-little-thing-little-thing-I-little-thing-little-I-do…”


I first became a fan of 24-year-old London producer and singer Fyfe when I heard his track “Lies” last year, which I thought was a beguilingly disenchanted song that recalls Radiohead’s “Talk Show Host” as if it was written by Vampire Weekend.






Here, Fyfe aka Paul Dixon enlists the help of producer Deptford Goth, also from London, to remix “For You” into a slow drip of tape-delayed beats, billowing vocal echoes, and determined and wailing street corner saxophony from the Hics’ David Turay.



Fyfe – “For You” (Deptford Goth Remix)





“For You” is released on July 21 via Believe Recordings.