Karol Conka – “Boa Noite” (Official Video)


Good night! This is a jam right here!


“Boa Noite” (“Good Evening” or “Good Night” in Portuguese) is the latest single from Brazilian rap artist Karol Conka.







According to Karol, the main themes of this track are self-affirmation, self-esteem, and always remaining “without fear of error” (“sem medo de errar”).



Let us also affirm that that sing-song sample from the Brazilian group Baianas de Ipioca in the background throughout the song makes it even more fantastic.




 Karol Conka – “Boa Noite” (Official Video)





“Boa Noite” is taken from the Curitiba, Brazil native’s new album, Batuk Freak, out now on the outstanding Mr Bongo label. You can also find it on the soundtrack to FIFA 2014.