Put aside, if you will, your prejudices about all things Coldplay and give this track a chance!


Chris Martin and his cohort’s latest offering is deep, soupy, nocturnal experimentation that sounds like they’ve been listening to more than their fair share of Imogen Heap and Bon Iver.


Plus, “Midnight” is produced by Jon Hopkins, author, no less, of my very favorite album of 2013, which automatically makes this song brilliant.


Coldplay – “Midnight” (Official Video)



I’m waiting for the inevitable slew of house remixes of “Midnight” to arrive any minute now…



It’s interesting to see how two major-label greats, Beyonce and Coldplay, have wholeheartedly embraced this shadowed, sparse, desolate sound (and ditched the horn fanfare and acoustic guitar anthem machine respectively) for their most recent output.



If this trend continues, it’s probably worth betting on U2’s next single to be an ambient, syrupy mess of 11-minute underwater synths and echo-chambered wolf howls.



At least that’s my personal hope.