Humus ft Ekow – “Love Affair” (Official Video)

Full-blast future-doo-wop neo-soul from Finland.

Heikki Soini and Tiia Marjanen team up with rapper Ekow from Helsinki hip-hoppers the Megaphone State for a rare English-language excursion on “Love Affair.”


The duo also get bonus points and mad crazy kudos for calling themselves “Humus.”

Even more bonus points and mad crazy kudos to any other Finnish neo-soul bands out there calling themselves “Breadstixx” or “Small Chopp’d Carrotz.” I can see a tour happening in your collective futures.


Listen to more supremely good Suomi soul (new genre alert!) from Humus (with Finnish lyrics this time) with songs “Nära Dig” (no relation) and “Aina Vaan.”