The Orb ft Lee Scratch Perry – “Golden Clouds” (Official Video)

Little Fluffy Clouds turn golden with some help from the Upsetter.

I once saw Lee Scratch Perry play a tiny venue in a tiny town in the middle of France. He walked on stage wearing a hand-made denim suit (including a denim cap) upon which hundreds of tiny mirrors were sewn. He then proceeded to sing “Happy Birthday.”

My favorite story about Lee Scratch Perry describes when he was working on an album with UK leftfield dance DJ and head honcho of the Sunday Best label Rob da Bank. Perry was sat staring at the mixing desk and was unusually quiet, so Rob decided to approach him and see if everything was all right by way of mumbling something about levels and EQ. Quick as a flash, Perry suddenly spun around in his chair and asked Rob, “What would you think if I was half-fish?”


“Golden Clouds” is the first single from the Orb and Lee Scratch Perry’s brand new album “The Orbserver In The Star House.”