LeFtO Films: Do-Over Osaka

The Do-Over is a series of itinerant daytime backyard boogie downs held in select secluded surroundings all over the world, including off-the-beaten-path locations in Manila, Dubai (the “Dune-Over” – yes!), Miami, Honolulu, Waiheke Island (off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand), and the Do-Over crew’s homebase of L.A.

Check out Belgian DJ LeFtO‘s footage of the Do-Over Osaka below. The sunshine-heavy party was thrown on a grassy spot underneath the red patterned arc of Minato Bridge. It looks like bags upon bags of fun.

Norway’s Todd Terje provides the soundtrack with his track “Inspector Norse.”


Viewing Notes:

1. How majestic and replete with heavenly splendor is Mount Fuji! (at 0:40)

2. Dude is pulling off those Oakleys like crazy. (at 3:10)

3. If this was a British music festival held in a field, I guarantee you that those box-fresh Adidas shell-toes would not be so white. (at 3:14)

4. Those kids and their hippie Japanese mum are effortlessly way more hip than you or I. (at 3:20)

5. That dog has a cooler haircut than most humans. (at 3:39)


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