Metabeats & Don Leisure aka Darkhouse Fam Keep It Earnest (Video)

Cardiff, Wales bass-hop heads Che Ahmed (Metabeats) and Aly Jamal (Don Leisure) aka Darkhouse Fam crafted one of my favorite beats from last year. This cut of bleepy bass strut was so immediately enjoyable that it was a no-brainer addition to my Best of 2011 mix on the Dig Deep radio show in December.

Check out the Fam in the video below talking beats, taking pics, and eating cotton candy while riding undulating fairground carousel horses like pros.


Grab their new EP In & Out on the Earnest Endeavours label here.


Only just realized that the name Darkhouse Fam might just be a crafty play on 90s Brit pop-soul balladeers the Lighthouse Family. Come to think of it, Che and Aly’s music really is the diametric opposite of this.