Three Hypnotic and Oddly Compelling Yet Simple Music Videos Featuring Views from Moving Trains (Video)

Sometimes the best videos are the simplest.

First up, Brenk Sinatra’s “Perdido.”

Sampling Arthur Verocai’s “Dedicada a Ela” from 1972.


Which is very similar to the video to Four Tet’s “She Moves She.”
This video is not as good as the above, but still good.


But the cleverest of all is the Chemical Brothers’ Michel Gondry-directed “Star Guitar” with its genius formula of synchronizing the musical elements of the song to the arrival of different elements of the landscape as seen from the train window.

After watching this you will feel a strong desire to ride a train and look out the train window while listening to music. This is normal.


Sometimes the best videos are the cleverest.