Macklemore – ‘My Oh My’ (Official Video)

I’ve only lived in Seattle for a year, I’ve only seen two baseball games in my life, I’d probably need directions to Safeco Field, and I’d probably need to check what an RBI is, but dagnabbit if this song and video doesn’t get your head and your heart swelling with 206 pride for The Town and The Team with more emotion than watching the crescendos of a billion Remember-the-Varsity-Blues-Field-of-Hoosiers-Titans-Dreams Hollywood sports movies back to back.

From local rapper Macklemore whose unique flow is so earnest and breathless, it sounds like the deeper he gets into his bars the more exhilarated he becomes. Like a surfer who can hardly contain the thrill of the unforeseen speed and unexpected longevity of the wave. He sounds like no one else, and no one else sounds like him.

Beats, strings, horns, and piano chords weighty with pathos courtesy of Seattle music producer, photographer, and videographer Ryan Lewis.

The song was created as a tribute to the legendary sportscaster and Mariners lead play-by-play announcer Dave Niehaus, who sadly passed away in November last year.

Positivity, warm nostalgia, and a shared humanity are three things that hip hop could really use right now.

I’m now waiting for more raps to emerge that focus on how great sandwiches are, how great Lost was, and how great life is. We all are.