Jamie Woon – ‘Night Air’ [Produced by Burial] (Official Video)

As the days get shorter and the nights grow longer, Jamie Woon (who you might remember from Debruit’s ‘I’m Goin’ Wit You’) turns in a soulful and heartfelt orchestral ode to maneuvers in the dark that gives Burial’s ‘Untrue’ LP a run for its money as soundtrack of choice to everything and anything nocturnal. Oh, and it’s produced by Burial. He’s really quite good at this vaguely-sinister-yet-hauntingly-beautiful-anti-sunlight-anthem thing.

If you like your music videos chock-full of slow-motion praying manti and visibly moist trees, you’re in bucketloads of luck.

This still won’t make walking past a house with windchimes at 2am any less creepy though.