Bibio – “À Tout à l’Heure” (Official Video)

West Midlands, UK producer Stephen Wilkinson bka Bibio returns with Silver Wilkinson, a new album of his lo-fi, 70s-soaked, indie electronic soul sound.

Lead single “À Tout à l’Heure” couldn’t be more organic even if it was covered in soil and heavily marked up in price at a farmer’s market; it was produced outdoors in Wilkinson’s garden using his 12-string guitar, MPC sampler, microphone, and cassette recorder, in addition to an assortment of random objects found in the garden used for percussion. I’m picturing him fashioning an arena rock drum-kit from several garden gnomes, stones, bird-feeders, and patio furniture.


Bibio – “À Tout à l’Heure” (Official Video)



Silver Wilkinson is out now on Warp Records.