Every BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix EVER from October 1993 to April 2011

Words cannot describe my excitement over this.


Forget every book about electronic music and club culture you’ve ever read or wanted to read, this is the definitive guide to dance music’s evolution over 18 years.


Highlights include genre snapshots of speed garage (just typing out those two words makes me feel nostalgic) from the Dreem Teem, late 90s Full Cycle d’n’b from Roni Size, and eclectic millennial soul from David Holmes and Gilles Peterson.

Plus Photek. Plus Deep Dish. Plus the very first Essential Mix broadcast on October 30, 1993, in which the joyful abandon and simplicity of it all is palpable, and not just because it is largely comprised of sax solos and piano stabs. (There is nothing better.)

Plus R1 mainstay and dance music authority Pete Tong sternly introducing every single one as if he was a geography teacher giving you homework. It is all too perfect.


Essential in every sense of the word.