Madvillian – “Papermill” & Manfred Krug – “Morgen”

Hands down my favorite Madvillian cut right here.

Doom and Madlib collab for a one minute and forty five second blast with Doom off-cuffing a don’t-care freestyle about “free beer” and “never forgetting like an elephant” while ‘lib sources some German psychedelic funk and chops up the sample and pitch to create something truly unique. Hip hop that’s thrown together too fast. And it really, really works.

Madvillian – “Papermill”

After mining the INTERNET for that sample, it appears that it was lifted from the Manfred Krug track “Morgen,” though it’s diced and spliced so much that it’s barely recognizable. At least that’s what I’ve been told. If you know that to be a falsehood and you know what the real sampled track is, please, by all means please, share your knowledge. Still, I’m glad I stumbled across this Manfred Krug fella, “Morgen” is a jam!

Manfred Krug – “Morgen”

The long-overdue German psychedelic funk revival begins here.