Katy B – ‘Katy on a Mission’ (Produced by Benga)

Bran’ Nu!

Courtesy of one of the greatest online bass music radio stations in the world (that just got awarded a license to broadcast on FM in the UK!) Rinse FM

South London soulstress and emerging UK Funky scene staple Katy B gives Benga’s ‘Man on a Mission’ a major melodic vocal dusting to become ‘Katy on a Mission’.

Much like Eve who previously jumped on Benga’s rather excellent shifty-beat-shuffle-with-unsettling-bleeps headnod ‘E Trips’ to give us ‘Me ‘n’ My’.

Not just content with producing sublime future dubstep classics with bass DJ supergroup Magnetic Man, man-with-the-chart-smarts Benga is on fire right now.

Although I’m really hoping this whole ‘popstep’ tag that’s whacked on any dubstep tune with a female vocal doesn’t take off. These tracks deserve better than that. If the Top 40 ends up having a few more songs that are legitimately pushing things forward then that’s a good thing. Seriously.