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Diggin’ This: Stephen Bradley – “Runaways”

  After nineteen years of providing horns, keyboards, and backing vocals for No Doubt, Stephen Bradley has released his first solo EP.       The lead single, “Runaways,” is a laid-back, effortless,… Continue reading

BJ Smith – “Prototype” (Outkast Cover)

  Much like burritos and the beach, it is scientifically impossible to have enough covers and reworks of Outkast‘s “Prototype” in your life at any one time.       Last year I… Continue reading

Sorceress – “Teacups” (Free Download)

  Love this rollin’ ‘n’ clappin,’ Fat Freddy-Droppin’ house beat and these honeyed soul vocals on “Teacups,” the brand new track from New Zealand five-piece Sorceress.       Formerly known as Funkommunity,… Continue reading

Ethiopian Records – “Terrarraw”

  Addis Ababa electronic musician¬†Endeguena Mulu creates dusty experimental bass instrumentals under the name Ethiopian Records.       Love the incorporation of Ethiopian vocal samples from Tewodros Haile and Sewunet Ayele¬†that waft… Continue reading

Quakers ft Guilty Simpson & MED – “Fitta Happier” (Official Video)

One of the most exciting hip-hop tracks (and projects) of 2012. Quakers is a 35-person (35!) hip-hop collective, centered around three producers: Fuzzface (Portishead’s Geoff Barrow), Katalyst (Ashley Anderson), and 7Stu7 (Stuart Matthews).… Continue reading

‘The Milk’ Knows You Got Soul: Essex, Hugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll

Rather pleased with that title. Dear The Milk, if you ever want to use that as a name for a future album, single, or racehorse, you’re quite welcome. The Essex, UK band bring… Continue reading