Sky Ferreira – “You’re Not the One” (Cid Rim Remix)

I’ve been a fan of the aggressive neon sounds of Austrian producer Cid Rim ever since hearing fellow Austrian musician Dorian Concept’s brutish electronic jazz remix of his track “Draw.”

Sky Ferreira.



Listen to Cid Rim’s remix of “You’re Not the One” by 21-year-old Los Angeles singer Sky Ferreira, born and raised here in Venice—who knew she was raised by her grandmother who was Michael Jackson’s personal stylist for over thirty years?—and dig those underwater Nintendo bleeps, those chorus vocals that are chopped and sliced so precisely you’d think they were recorded at an expert-level sushi academy, those handy handclaps, and that snappy, flappy beat.



Sky Ferreira – “You’re Not the One” (Cid Rim Remix)





Also, that drop before the chorus that is just a recording of a cough and a vinyl spinback is a genius move, Cid Rim.



Did not see that coming.