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Music by Dan Digs: Goldie – “State of Mind” (Dan Digs Remix)

  One of my favorite tunes from one of my favorite albums gets the house edit┬átreatment.         It’s all about that upright bass noodle intertwined with that 104bpm stomp.  … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: James Blake – “Timeless”

  The lyric “…with graceful shadow” may just be the most apt way to describe the glorious entirety of James Blake’s music.       Timeless in every sense of the word.  … Continue reading

Why Goldie’s Timeless is the Perfect Winter Album

It is fast becoming a yearly ritual of mine to listen to Goldie‘s Timeless album in full, straight through, every winter, because it is the perfect winter album.     Cueing up the… Continue reading

Goldie – “You & Me”

Every year when the weather gets cold and invigorating, and the skies get blue and limitless, I always reach for Goldie’s first album “Timeless.”       Still one of the most important… Continue reading