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German Hip-hop from Dramadigs ft Flo Mega – “Wurst Kase Szenario” (Official Video)

Soulful Deutschiphop from Bremen, Germany crew Dramadigs whose pen-twirling and paper Space Invader-making skills are not to be tested.   Seriously considering starting an advice column called “Dramadigs.”  

Nottingham, England’s Jake Bugg Goes Bob Dylan Doppelganger on “Trouble Town” (Official Video) (Free MP3 Download)

And he’s only 18 years old.   Download this song for free by liking Jake Bugg’s Facebook page here.  

Squarepusher – “Dark Steering” (From the “Ufabulum” LP) (Official Video)

Squarepusher’s latest “Dark Steering” is the musical offspring of dot matrix printers, ringtones from ’94, 8-bit motorcycle gear changes, and winning moves in video games. Despite the fuzz and blur of the retro-synths… Continue reading

Cut Copy Bassist Ben Browning’s New Single – “I Can’t Stay” (Official Video)

Cut Copy bassist Ben Browning snips highlife guitar tinkles, splices mournful indie-pop vox washes, and pastes disco sheen on the lot to create the best aftershave commerical/French New Wave film that never was.… Continue reading

Hudson Mohawke & Lunice are TNGHT – “Introducing…” (Official Promo Video from Scion AV)

TNGHT (which, in this crazy, topsy-turvy, let’s-omit-all-the-vowels 3.0 wrld, I’m guessing stands for “Tonight” and not “TongueHate”) is the new partnership between the immensely talented Glaswegian maker-of-the-warped-beats Hudson Mohawke and the immensely talented… Continue reading

Homeboy Sandman – “The Miracle” (Official Video)

Like pouring six bowls of Cap’n Crunch in your ears.   Love it when hip-hop just gets plain weird.  

Funkommunity – “Dandelion” (Official Video)

Loving this Nu Zealand nu soul with a groove that’s heavily indebted to the L.A. beat scene.   Must be something in the sunshine.  

B.Traits ft Elizabeth Troy – “Fever” (Official Video)

Equal parts 90s UK house, 90s UK garage, 90s UK drum ‘n’ bass, 90s UK rave, 90s UK diva vox. 100% joy.   A decade of British dance music expertly distilled into 3… Continue reading

14KT ft Tony Ozier – “Width” (Official Video)

Thursday feel-good song. “When can they measure the width of our love?”   “Never a time.”   Find this track and more from Ypsilanti, Michigan’s 14KT on his latest album A Friendly Game… Continue reading

Joker ft Buggsy & Otis Brown – “Lost” (Official Video)

Big look for Joker on this one.   Pathos is as heavy here as his signature synths.  

Nina Kraviz – “Ghetto Kraviz” (Official Video)

Nina Kraviz here with a late-night haze of rhythmic 909 kicks that kick you in the shins and claps that clap you across the face. Slurred, talk-in-your-sleep talk is ladled over the top… Continue reading

Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo Bárbaro – “Look Around The Corner” (Live) (Official Video)

Quantic and Alice Russell quietly pour the best of Rotary Connection and Cumbia rhythm into your soul.   Understated, soothing, and gently brilliant, like a splash of rum in your tea.   Nice… Continue reading

Ifan Dafydd – “Treehouse” (Official Video)

There’s plenty of moody and introspective vocal electronic music out there right now with the “post-dubstep” or “sounds a bit James Blake-y” tags. The music of Ifan Dafydd is far better than those… Continue reading

Die & Break ft MC Fats & Buggsy – “Peace & Dub” (from the Grand Funk Hustle EP ) (Official Video)

Pure Bristol vibes.   Rave in peace.

Quadron – “Day” (Official Video)

To me, Quadron’s band name will always sound like a black metal outfit formed by Harvard mathematicians. Who knew they would actually turn out to be an easily-lovable Danish duo fully capable of… Continue reading

Enjoyed – “Paws” (Official Video)

The UK producer’s lush, Balearic, synthpopped, chillwaved track “Paws” finally gets the video treatment. The result is exactly what you’d expect this sound to look like if you could see it: multiple dream-like… Continue reading

The Skints – “On a Mission” (Katy B Cover) (Official Video)

East London ska-dubsters The Skints take on Katy B’s “Katy on a Mission” and expertly execute a smooth, blissed, dubstyle reggae version of the original. Things to enjoy: 1. The slow nod of… Continue reading

Just A Band – “Hey!” (Official Video)

The modestly-titled Just A Band are my new favorite experimental electronic band from Nairobi, Kenya. Check out their exclamatorily-titled track “Hey!” and the corresponding video below. Both prove that rapping in Swahili is… Continue reading

Dub Phizix and Skeptical feat Strategy – “Marka” (Official Video)

Raw. Forget looking back in time with your Top 10 lists, this dark and deadly slice of hype is looking so far forward in the future it’s beaming the apocalypse back to us.

Part-Time Heroes – “So” (Official Video) (Free MP3 Download)

In love with this one. Proper delicate soul-stomp business. Might just have to open up the Dig Deep radio show with it tonight!   Grab this track for free by clicking here. Not… Continue reading

Nostalgia 77 ft Josa Peit – “Sleepwalker” (Official Video)

What Portishead might sound like had they come from somewhere marginally less rainy. Only marginally though.

Friendly Fires – “Hurting” (Official Video)

It’s all business as usual for Friendly Fires’ singer Ed “Slinky Hips” Macfarlane until 1min 24sec when the label realized they had 12 times the amount of cash they thought they had to… Continue reading

Stereo MCs – ‘Boy’ (Official Video)

Been a while since we’ve heard anything from the Stereo MCs, and most of us are just getting this song of theirs out of our heads for the first time in 19 years.… Continue reading

Dananananaykroyd – ‘Black Wax’ & Dolby Anol – ‘Puppies’

As if it wasn’t enough to get all sweaty shouty and rock out with your mates while trapped in a glitter maelstrom (vocab), the Glasgow band then went and called themselves Dananananaykroyd (gets… Continue reading

Wiley – ‘Numbers In Action’ (Official Video)

UK grime godfather Wiley proves he does more than just ruminate on who’s wearing his Rolex in this brand new vid for brand new cut ‘Numbers In Action’ – giving bedroom producers everywhere… Continue reading

The Avalanches – ‘Since I Left You’ (Official Video)

Still one of my favorite songs.     Still one of my favorite music videos.                  

Ghostpoet – ‘Survive It’ (Official Video)

The future of U.K. hip hop is here. Enter Ghostpoet. A confident yet chilled cadence like no other and rhymes so laid-back you’d think they were recorded while sat in a deckchair. Truly… Continue reading