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Dan Digs’ Radio Show – Dig Deep – Beats, Bass & Electronic Soul – Saturdays 1am-3am PST – KBCS 91.3FM Bellevue-Seattle & kbcs.fm – April 21, 2012 Tracklisting

Everything eclectic tonight.   Here’s how it made that melodious thunk. FIRST TRACK GOES IN HARD WITH DUSTY PSYCHE-SOUL-FUNK-ROCK’N’ROLL TO GET YOU DANCING FROM THE GET-GO 0:01 Fabulous Souls – “Take Me” 0:04… Continue reading

Dig Deep Tracklisting: Friday Night/Saturday Morning April 14 2012 1am-3am PST on KBCS Bellevue-Seattle 91.3FM & www.kbcs.fm

Leftfield hip-hop, experimental bass, stompin’ beats, and a 30 minute mix of rare cover versions of classic tracks all on tonight’s show!   Here’s how we wove that tangled web. FIRST TRACK IS… Continue reading

Mr. J. Medeiros ft J Kyle Gregory – “Shower Curtains” (MP3) (From the “Saudade” LP)

Perfect listening for 2:44am on Thursday, April 12, 2012. Which, coincidentally, is the time at this very exact moment.   Right now, there is only the tall, dark green trees, the night, the… Continue reading