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Music by Dan Digs: “Echo Park Lake”

  A Sunday evening beat jam inspired by one of my favorite neighborhoods in Los Angeles.       Dan Digs: “Echo Park Lake”           Listen to this track… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: BadBadNotGood – “Kaleidoscope” (Kaytranada’s Flip) (Free Download)

  I’ll be honest, whenever I see the words “Bad Bad Not Good” and “Kaytranada” on a track, I know my headphones are in for some quality.       Listen to the 22-year-old… Continue reading

Low Leaf & King Britt – “A Light Within” (Free Download)

Los Angeles Filipino-American singer and harpist Low Leaf recently partnered with the legendary King Britt to create this wispy, digitally dusty beat jam. “A Light Within” is an outtake from King Britt’s forthcoming… Continue reading

Mister Lies & Different Sleep – “Vermont (Baptism)” (from the Mass EP) (Free MP3 Download)

Chicago-based producer Mister Lies aka Nick Zanca, 19, who, when not studying dramatic writing and philosophy at Columbia College, crafts floaty, pastoral, nocturnal electronic beats.   Mister Lies & Different Sleep – “Vermont… Continue reading

Toomy Disco – “Outstanding”

This slow slice of funk disco house is outstanding.   Simply watching a vinyl record slowly and unvaryingly spin round and round and round on a turntable is surprisingly calming. (Unless of course… Continue reading

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – “Fire” (Mr Scruff Remix) (Snippet)

A snippet of new Scruff is better than no snippet at all.   Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – “Fire” (Mr Scruff Remix) (Snippet)   Bass, brass, and cowbell spin you right round.  

Nottingham, England’s Jake Bugg Goes Bob Dylan Doppelganger on “Trouble Town” (Official Video) (Free MP3 Download)

And he’s only 18 years old.   Download this song for free by liking Jake Bugg’s Facebook page here.  

Chet Faker – “No Diggity” (Blackstreet Cover) (MP3)

One of the best covers I’ve heard in a very long time.     This late-night, haze-hop, crooner rework was my main inspiration in putting together the “Cover Me Radd” covers mix on… Continue reading

Opossom – “Blue Meanies” (Free MP3 Download)

Grainy psychedelic soul from New Zealand’s Kody Nielson of the Mint Chicks and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.     Head over here for more Opossom. Sadly this link, while it will provide you with… Continue reading

Communion (Michael Kiwanuka, Ben Lovett, Ben Howard, the Staves, Johannes of Bear’s Den) – “Over the Hill” (John Martyn Cover) (Performed at SXSW 2012 in Austin, Texas)

I’ve been evangelizing to anyone who will listen about the brilliance of Michael Kiwanuka for some time now. This video will convince you of that brilliance. It’s quite, quite heartwarming and beautiful.  … Continue reading

Burial & Four Tet – “Moth” (Official Video)

This is your brain on spicy food.   (Honestly, how is it possible that Misters Burial and Four Tet sound like they’re just messing about with FruityLoops and GarageBand here and yet still… Continue reading

Mr. J. Medeiros ft J Kyle Gregory – “Shower Curtains” (MP3) (From the “Saudade” LP)

Perfect listening for 2:44am on Thursday, April 12, 2012. Which, coincidentally, is the time at this very exact moment.   Right now, there is only the tall, dark green trees, the night, the… Continue reading

Oscar and Martin – “What I Know” (MP3)

Former Psuchers Oscar and Martin wonkify your pop-infused r’n’b on a Thursday.   Oscar and Martin – “What I Know”   Love the analogue production on this one. Also, need that sweater and… Continue reading

Julia Stone – “Let’s Forget All the Things that We Say” (Oliver Tank Remix)

5:04am music. Released nine hours ago from man of the lushly-stringed nocturnal moment Oliver Tank.   (I’ve banged on before about Mr. O.T. being a James-Blake-soundalike-Aussie, primarily because it sounded like a cool… Continue reading

Crazy P – “Changes” (Behling & Simpson Remix) (Free MP3 Download)

When I saw there was a new Behling & Simpson remix up, such was my excitement that I clicked on “Download” just a little bit faster than the time it takes a hummingbird… Continue reading

Richard Swift – “Broken Finger Blues” (Free MP3 Download)

The perfect rainy day song. The Shins’ Richard Swift sounding not completely unlike early Mayer Hawthorne sounding not completely unlike the large majority of the Motown greats.   Although when your full name… Continue reading

Thavius Beck – “Thanks”

  Morning tune.         L.A.’s Thavius Beck comes correct with some lush, cinematically-orchestrated strings. “Thanks” is perfect pre-noon listening.     Thavius Beck – “Thanks”         Grab… Continue reading

Just A Band – “Hey!” (Official Video)

The modestly-titled Just A Band are my new favorite experimental electronic band from Nairobi, Kenya. Check out their exclamatorily-titled track “Hey!” and the corresponding video below. Both prove that rapping in Swahili is… Continue reading

Hourglass Sea – ‘Another World’ (MP3)

Meet Dean Bentley aka Hourglass Sea: Bradford, England’s chief exporter of the finest fast-forward-to-the-future beat wizardry and synth melodies so polished you’d think he’d finished them off with an industrial buffer. Have a… Continue reading