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Diggin’ This: Ezra Collective ft Jorja Smith – “Reason in Disguise”

  Exquisite jazz happens when Ezra meets Jorja.       From the very first bars of Femi Koleoso’s rimshot break to Jorja Smith‘s intro hums to Joe Armon-Jones’ keyboard tapestries to TJ… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Bamily – “Hello Stranger”

      Slinky, indie, post-disco greatness from Bamily.       Need to hear this on a yacht at sunset ASAP.   Track of the day.   Bamily – “Hello Stranger”    … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Scuba Diva (Lorde’s Keyboardist) – “What’s the Point?” (Produced by Silicon)

  When he’s not playing keyboards in Lorde‘s touring band, Paraparaumu, New Zealand’s Jimmy Mac aka Scuba Diva makes brooding, wavy, washy, indie-funk excellence.       “What’s the Point?” is produced by… Continue reading

Warpaint – “Disco//Very” & “Keep It Healthy” (Official Double Video)

  Double video feature jam!   Getting way into this lethargic, listless slow disco dancer (“Disco//Very”) and this gentle, ride cymbal-tappin’ indie incantation (“Keep it Healthy”) from L.A.’s Warpaint.       Warpaint – “Disco//Very” &… Continue reading

Ben La Desh – “Why Don’t You”

Rotterdam, Netherlands producer Ben La Desh comes correct with this late-night, bass-and-keys house groover. Best listened to in the dark.   Ben La Desh – “Why Don’t You”       “Why Don’t You”… Continue reading

Azealia Banks – “1991” (Official Video)

Brace yourselves for the incoming and imminent 90s house music revival.   Expect loads more Crystal Waters house keys and Soul II Soul swing in your musical future.