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Diggin’ This: Kibrom Birhane – “Mender”

  Enticing and mystery-laden Ethio-jazz from Los Angeles.       “Mender,” according to Kibrom Birhane, is a “homage to family and community.”     Kibrom Birhane – “Mender”        … Continue reading

Samuel Yirga – “I Am the Black Gold of the Sun” (Rotary Connection Cover)

I’ve made no secret of the fact that this 1970s psychedelic soul classic is my favorite song of all time. This new version by Ethiopian piano prodigy Samuel Yirga features the Creole Choir… Continue reading

Ethiopian 80s Synth-Pop by Tigist Mekonnen – “Atselechegnim” (Video)

Featuring the fantastic “habesha” artist Nini. I love everything about this. Ethiopian synth-pop is HEAVY! Next flight to Addis, please.