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Washed Out – “It All Feels Right” (Official Video)

Enchanted, psychedelic, folk vibrations on this brand new Washed Out song, sounding not unlike a dialed-down, Sunday morning Tame Impala.   Washed Out – “It All Feels Right” (Official Video)     “It… Continue reading

Teen Daze – “Discipleship”

Vancouver’s Teen Daze sonically articulates the beauty of discipleship using upbeat LOL Boys-style jazz cymbals and dreamy chillwave synth swashes.   Teen Daze – “Discipleship”   Teen Daze‘s new album The Inner Mansions… Continue reading

Vacationer – “Trip” (Official Video)

File under Nu-hula. I’ll let Vacationer introduce themselves. As per their Facebook page: Most people do not take vacations often enough, some not at all. Quality vacations let us recapture that feeling of… Continue reading

Enjoyed – “Paws” (Official Video)

The UK producer’s lush, Balearic, synthpopped, chillwaved track “Paws” finally gets the video treatment. The result is exactly what you’d expect this sound to look like if you could see it: multiple dream-like… Continue reading