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Song Premiere: Noah Klein – “after 3 no good comes 2 me” (Cascade Records)

  Nocturnal.         Extremely excited to present the premiere of “after3nogoodcomes2me” by the Berlin-based German-American artist Noah Klein.   “after3nogoodcomes2me” is an emotional R&B-informed electronic soul journey into the depths… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Nikitch ft Kuna Maze – “Chemelin” (Cascade Records)

  On “Chemelin,” French producer Nicolas Morant aka Nikitch¬†presents a honey-dripped beat braided with synth lifts and an otherworldly, pitched-up vocal swirl.       Track of the day.     Nikitch ft… Continue reading

Fitz Ambro$e & Ohbliv – “FAIFF” (Official Video) & “CANI” (Free Download)

Fitz Ambro$e originates from Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada and currently lives in Tokyo.¬†Here he teams up with Richmond, Virginia’s Ohbliv to produce Zen Vapors: a 14-track musical collage of beats,… Continue reading