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Listen/Download this Week’s DIG DEEP Radio Show with Dan Digs: Beats, Bass & Electronic Soul on KBCS 91.3FM Seattle – June 2, 2012 Tracklisting

Tonight’s edition of the Dig Deep radio show got well housey, well hip-hoppy, well chiptuney, and got itself looking, well, quite splendid all around with the beats, bass, and electronic soul.   Here’s… Continue reading

Quinton Sung Turns Radiohead’s Kid A into an 8-bit Chiptune Wonderpiece

Everything in its right place to jump over lava, avoid rolling boulders, defeat the boss, and rescue the princess.   Radiohead’s fourth album was just going to be called “Kid” but they had… Continue reading

8-bit Night Drive Retro

8-bit Night Drive Retro. Courtesy of noirlac. Just looking at this conjures up a Pavlovian reaction to listen to some inane chip-tune melody and feed quarters into something.