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Dan Digs Live: DJ Set with Frank Foreal at Ace Hotel Downtown LA this Thursday January 7

  Come through and vibe on the rooftop this Thursday, January 7!       Frank Foreal and I will be spinning the best in leftfield beats, future R&B, and soulful house upstairs at Ace Hotel… Continue reading

Dan Digs Live: DJ Set at Ace Hotel Palm Springs this Saturday January 2

  Celebrate the start of 2016 on a day when you know it won’t be commercialized!         Come through and vibe with me poolside at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs this Saturday, January… Continue reading

Dan Digs Live: Come Hang With Me as I DJ at School Night! in Hollywood

  Looking forward to DJing again tonight at the incredible School Night! at Bardot in Hollywood!       Always a great music-loving crowd, always a beautiful space.     Come check out these amazing bands: Kona Christopher… Continue reading

Dan Digs Live: Come Hang with Me as I DJ Upstairs at Ace Hotel in Downtown LA

  Come through and vibe on the rooftop this Wednesday, October 21!       I’ll be spinning the best in leftfield beats, future R&B, and soulful house along with one of my very favorite… Continue reading

The Dan Digs Show Shortlisted for the 2015 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards

Extremely excited, thankful, and generally bowled over by elation to share with you that the Dan Digs Show was shortlisted for the 2015 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards!       There were over 5,000 nominations, so,… Continue reading

Get the Free Dan Digs App!

  Stoked to say that the official Dan Digs app has arrived!   Now you can get your Track of the Day, free music downloads, watch music videos, and listen back to every… Continue reading

Dan Digs Live: Come Hang with Me as I DJ at School Night! in Hollywood

  Looking forward to DJing again tonight at the incredible School Night! at Bardot in Hollywood!       Always a great music-loving crowd, always a beautiful space.     Come check out these amazing new bands: The… Continue reading

Dan Digs Live: Now Dig This! at the Virgil in Silverlake Every Third Thursday 10pm-2am

  Extremely excited to announce my new monthly live DJ night: Now Dig This!         Now Dig This! is every third Thursday 10pm-2am in the B-Side Bar at the Virgil… Continue reading

Dan Digs Live: Come Hang with Me as I DJ at School Night! in Hollywood

  Looking forward to DJing again this Monday night at the incredible School Night! at Bardot in Hollywood!       Always a great music-loving crowd, always a beautiful space.     Come check out these amazing new… Continue reading

Dan Digs Live: Come Hang With Me As I DJ at School Night! in Hollywood

  Stoked to be DJing at the incredible School Night! at Bardot in Hollywood this Monday night!       I’ve long been a fan of School Night! and their superhero ability to magically… Continue reading

Win Two Tickets to See Machinedrum Live at the Roxy in Los Angeles on Sunday March 1, 2015 + 30min Best of Machinedrum DJ Mix by Dan Digs

  Travis Stewart aka Machinedrum is bringing his incredible Vapor City live show to Los Angeles!       We’ve got two tickets for one lucky winner and a friend to see Machinedrum with special guest Objekt… Continue reading

Take a Trip Through Venice, California with Dan Digs and Instagram

The all-new Rverie magazine recently got in touch after spotting my Venice photographs on Instagram.     I ended up writing an essay for them on my beloved new home of Venice and… Continue reading

Why Goldie’s Timeless is the Perfect Winter Album

It is fast becoming a yearly ritual of mine to listen to Goldie‘s Timeless album in full, straight through, every winter, because it is the perfect winter album.     Cueing up the… Continue reading

The Chemical Brothers – “Life is Sweet” (Daft Punk Remix)

Inspired by this brilliant piece I read today on the life and times of the Chems‘ “Setting Sun,” a song that sounds as vital and compelling now as it did when it shot… Continue reading

Red Bull Music Academy Documentary – What Difference Does It Make? A Film About Making Music (Official Trailer)

So inspired to create by watching this. I can’t think of an entity that aligns more with my musical taste than the Red Bull Music Academy. The RBMA is an invitation-only series of music… Continue reading

Dan Digs’ Top 20 Remixes of 2013

Rrrrrrrremix! 2013 was a vintage year for the rework, the rejazzed, the re-booted and the re-beated. Here’s my favorite song versions of other people’s song versions of their favorite songs of other people.… Continue reading

Dan Digs’ Top 10 Albums of 2013

It would be hard enough to compile a Top 500, what with all of the under-the-radar Bandcamp treasures, glorious mixtapes aka .zip files, and of course the big, shiny, important album releases of… Continue reading

10 Ways in Which Your First Time at Bikram Yoga Is Pretty Much Identical to Taking the London Underground at Rush Hour in July

The only way to mentally and physically survive both hot yoga and taking the tube through the belly of London in the sweltering summer heat is to keep calm and not allow yourself… Continue reading

Beat Generation – Article on Seattle’s Annual Decibel Festival of Electronic Music Written by Dan Digs for City Arts Magazine

I wrote about Seattle’s annual electronic music extravaganza Decibel Festival for this month’s issue of City Arts magazine. You can read the story here. At its heart, this newness is what Decibel is… Continue reading

Seattle Sunsets

From Jonathan Raban‘s “Too Close to Nature?” essay published in the Seattle Times, April 2004. Seattle sunsets are raw and bloody things; good ones look like a busy day at the slaughterhouse, as… Continue reading



The Englishman on the Hill: Author, Traveler and Survivor Jonathan Raban is Loyal to His Experience – Article Written by Dan Digs for Seattle’s City Arts Magazine

It was a delight to meet Seattle-based English author Jonathan Raban.   I wrote about it for this month’s issue of City Arts magazine. You can read the story here.  

Walk this Way, No, the Other Way: the Alternate Beatles Abbey Road Album Cover Photo Up for Auction

It’s expected to go for a mere 9,000 quid.   Also possibly available: photos of the Nirvana baby swimming upside down and the Dark Side of the Moon album cover outtake that features… Continue reading

Urban Nerds Interview David Rodigan at Snowbombing 2011

David Rodigan is 60 years old, loves reggae and dancehall music, and is as sharp as a tack.   An incredibly inspirational and articulate interview. If you don’t have 13 minutes to spare… Continue reading

Classic Album Covers Recreated Using Only 144 Dots

Gary Andrew Clarke aka Graphic Nothing enjoys recreating classic album covers with dots. 144 of them, to be precise. Here are some of my favorites. You might have to set your laptop down… Continue reading

Underworld Appointed Music Directors of the Opening Ceremony at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Give Away Album “A Hundred Days Off” in Celebration (Free MP3 Download)

How cool is it that Underworld have just been appointed Music Directors of the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony?   In celebration of a hundred days to go until the event, top gents… Continue reading

Austrian Photographer Josef Hoflehner’s “Jet Airliner” – Black & White Photographs of Airplanes Zooming Inches Over the Beaches of the West Indies

The arresting monochrome and stark surreality and juxtaposition of heavy, sleek, man-made, polished, winged titanic tubes of steel screaming fury only a few feet above the warm, carefree, untroubled, neo-Edenesque sands of St.… Continue reading

REVIEW: The Robert Glasper Experiment featuring Bilal at Neumos Seattle: Eclectic Relaxation (Friday March 23, 2012)

“His mastery of musical astronomy created constellations where there had once only been lone stars. The orbits of the planets Coltrane, Hancock, Dilla, Yorke, Morello, and Cobain were shifted and new asterisms formed.… Continue reading

REVIEW: Skream & Benga at Neumos Seattle: Why Seattle Does Dance (Thursday March 22, 2012)

“The sonic assault emanating from the two CDJs and a mixer upon which Skream and Benga tag-teamed throughout their set was like a sea monster with severe indigestion from eating an alien spaceship.… Continue reading

8-bit Night Drive Retro

8-bit Night Drive Retro. Courtesy of noirlac. Just looking at this conjures up a Pavlovian reaction to listen to some inane chip-tune melody and feed quarters into something.

How to Feel Miserable as an Artist

Anarchy in the U.K.


How Dubstep Began

This is actually true. The other photo of how dubstep began that features a cracked-out walrus playing a didgeridoo while randomly revving a chainsaw is out there somewhere.

Emotional States That I Experienced While Recently Visiting Portland, Oregon for the First Time

1. BBQ Sandwich Disappointment 2. Raw Food Bar Self-Righteousness 3. Voodoo Doughnuts Hysteria 4. Powell’s Bewilderment 5. No-Sales-Tax Euphoria

Song from Shabazz Palaces’ New Album Black Up or William Wordsworth Poem?

1. “A Whirl-Blast from Behind the Hill” 2. “Recollections of the Wraith” 3. “An Echo From The Hosts That Profess Infinitum” 4. “Calm is all Nature as a Resting Wheel” 5. “The World… Continue reading

Lesser-Known Fruit Varietal Namings Inspired by Conference Pears

1. Symposium Apples 2. Convention Apricots 3. Seminar Strawberries 4. Forum Oranges 5. Annual General Meeting Bananas

Recession-Hit Musician Rebrands

1. Badly Overdrawn Boy 2. Broke Social Scene 3. Arcade Fired 4. Maximum Ballooned Economy 5. Threepence None The Richer

Levi’s Pioneer Sessions – FREE Brand New Cover Versions of Classic Tracks by The Roots, Raphael Saadiq, Passion Pit, Nas, and more! Download and Listen With Your Ears!

No-one really knows how to make money from music anymore. We know that people generally don’t expect to have to pay for songs nowadays but they also will be happily and dementedly eager… Continue reading

Helpful Suffixes for Instant and Irresponsible Sensationalism

Situation is mildly controversial: – gate Situation is mildly inconvenient: – mageddon Situation is mildly awesome: – orama

Folk Musicians Who Slightly Altered Their Stage Names When They Went Hip Hop

1. Bob Dilla 2. Johnny Ca$$$h 3. KRS-One Kristofferson 4. Big Willie Nelson 5. Lil Way’n Jennings 6. Art Garfunkel

Reflections On Sitting In The Balcony Seats For The First Time At A Gig Waiting For Vampire Weekend To Come On Stage

Usually I’m positioned front and centre for gigs, ready to scream, jump, yelp, raise a fist and by and large have a pretty fantastic time right smack bang in the middle of a… Continue reading

Photobombing + Goat =

GOATOBOMBING! You might not think this is funny now but later on tonight while you’re brushing your teeth you’ll remember this and laugh uncontrollably till you’re a mess of toothpaste, toothbrush bristles and… Continue reading

Things Singers Always Say In Between Songs When Performing in NZ

‘I wish I could stay longer in your beautiful country’ ‘Your country is beautiful’ They also say ‘This next song is called…’ and ‘Thank you’ a lot.

REVIEW: Henry Rollins – Monday 26 April 2010 – Bruce Mason Centre, Auckland, NZ

I’m late to see Henry Rollins, but I can already hear his booming, animated voice from outside the auditorium as I hurriedly approach the doors. As I quietly creak them open, I walk… Continue reading

George Costanza: Waaay Ahead Of The Curve

I knew it all along. Expect to see glasses as thick as fishbowls and Russell Athletic tracksuit bottoms with white socks and sturdy tennis shoes EVERYWHERE at the next Paris Fashion Week. Again,… Continue reading

Reflections On Going To The Talib Kweli Concert (On My Own)

I’d never been to a gig by myself before, but having just become a bonafide music journalist for a magazine (with free entry to the concert and everything!) I figured this was what… Continue reading

The World’s Scariest Easter Bunnies

It’s midnight as I type this and I’m literally terrified. How can Easter Bunnies be scarier than all Santas and clowns combined? If I saw one of these as a kid I’d probably… Continue reading

Lyrics To Songs Which When Memorised Earned You An Incredible Amount Of Social Currency When You Were 8

Good: ‘Ice Ice Baby’ Better: ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’ Expert-level: Public Enemy – ‘Bring The Noise’ (although no one expects you to know the words past the first verse) No one cares:… Continue reading

Burger Porn

Top shelf material. From the great city of Seattle, America. Check the Safeco Field shot in photo 2 which serves as undeniable proof of the veracity of the previous sentence. It’s all about… Continue reading

Android Butler

Say you had a friend called Andy Butler. All this time you thought his first name was Andrew but then one day you find out that his first name is not Andrew but… Continue reading