Diggin’ This: СОЮЗ – “Beige Days (Бежевые дни)” (Mr Bongo Records)


Magnificent MPB from Minsk.


Image via facebook.com/gruppasoyuz



I am stunned by the musical expertise on display here.



Led by Alex Chumak and featuring Mikita Arlou and drummer Anton Nemahai, Belarus collective СОЮЗ (pronouced “soyuz” and translated as “union”) have crafted a strong contender for one of my top albums of 2022 that deftly pays homage to 70s Música Popular Brasileira, my favorite song of which is the energetic and flute-driven “Beige Days (Бежевые дни).”



Watch out for that fiery guitar solo.



СОЮЗ – “Beige Days (Бежевые дни)”






“Beige Days (Бежевые дни)” is taken from the group’s new album, Force of the Wind (​С​и​л​а в​е​т​р​а​), which also features Kate NV and DanDigs.com favorite, Sessa. It’s out now via the esteemed Mr Bongo Records.





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