About Me



My name is Dan Digs and I live in Los Angeles, California.





I’m a music writer, host, and producer for TV, radio, and the web.

I’m also a DJ, music producer, and aspiring astronaut.

I’m way into beats, bleeps, basslines, handclaps, rhymes, MPCs, and lunch.





Born in New Zealand and raised in Hong Kong and the UK, I lived and worked

in London, Nagoya, and Seattle for two years each before moving to LA.







You can listen to me live on Sundays 7pm PT/10pm ET on Dash One, the flagship channel of Dash Radio.






You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here


stream it on Mixcloud here


via TheFuture.fm here.






I love creating forward-thinking, innovative, and entertaining music content,

shining a spotlight on artists who deserve it,

going on adventures,

and telling amazing stories.







Along with two of my close friends, in 2014 I founded California Electric,

a custom video, photography, and music production agency based in Venice, California.

Find out more about our work here.








Previously I was a host and senior producer on NUVOtv’s The Collective music show.

You can watch my segments here.







I have, at some stage or another, worked behind the scenes and in front of the mic


George FM in Auckland


BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, and 6Music in London


KEXP 90.3FM in Seattle.






You can listen to my own music that I’ve written and produced here.






You can also grab free downloads of tracks and DJ mixes that I’ve showcased on this site here.






Check out the Dan Digs Writing links in the sidebar to read my writing.

I have written for KEXP 90.3FM, Culture CollideCity Arts, URB, and Real Groove,

among other worldwide music publications.






It’s great to meet you.